How Can Psyche be a Friend?


Being able to witness Psyche as a friend has rewarding benefits…

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You may notice that as I answer this question about “psyche,” the Greek word for soul, I personify her.  I do this because her intention toward the well-being of all of us is like that of a beloved friend, and yet I do know that psyche is an inner dynamic, a process.  It is psyche who brings dreams, myth and intuition, three of her favorite ways of communicating. What’s important to know is that every dream  and myth is for our benefit, even if it is unpleasant!

Psyche is explained in Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology, as the “totality of all psychic process, conscious as well as unconscious” (Jung, Collected Works 6, para.797).

What does this mean?  It means that we are much more than instinct or behavior.

To understand psyche, we recognize that we experience each other and the world in a subjective and objective way.  We have a personal unconscious…

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