You know, the leaves mingle with the wind as it brings messages from the great beyond. I stare at the tree, thinking about how as kids we used to climb trees. As my contemplation goes further down the rabbit hole of thought I think what a shame it is that parks cut the lower branches nowadays, preventing the curiosity of kids to climb greater heights on their stable travel agents. As my remembrance take me further from the miraculousness of this infinite moment I hear the wind whisper:

Shut. the. fuck. up.”

I laughed at my own ridiculousness and my ongoing thinking capacity that flows like a raging river, carrying all types of debris from history and my projective capacity. Then my mind went right into thinking about how much we think and how it dams the natural flow:

Shut … the fuck … up”, the leaves reiterated gently.

Silence came over me.

The grass tickled my feet. My skin opened to the currents of the afternoon air as my ears attuned, sharply, to the sparrows, crows and scrub jays. In a moments notice silence removed the veil and guided my eyes to behold this everlasting beauty. My heart beat gently, slowly rocking me back and forth as my vision was able to bring the broken pieces into one clear portrait of reality.

“Shhhhhhhhh.” A squirrel stood there in the short distance … observing.

You are here. Yes … YOU … and it brings a smile to my face. I wonder if you can feel how the universe is hugging you right now … through the warmth of the sun, through gravity, through seasonal abandonment and renewal … infinitely supporting all that you endeavor.

This is true love. Are we able to mirror this unconditioned, all natural, support? Can we surrender our ego in the breeze to recycle this generosity?