Walking through the woods for me is similar, I imagine, to the feeling of sacred admiration that one feels when they walk into their place of worship. Realizing the smallness of who I am in comparison to the vastness of nature and its immense ability to give effortlessly, I am humbled into a silent reverence that springs out of my spiritual insignificance. In the expanse of this great mystery I am likened to a blade of grass … hardly noticeable.

“The universe courses through our veins, allows our heart to beat slowly – or rapidly – and utilizes our vision to behold its own magical exhibition of reality,” I thought. “That’s hardly insignificant.”

Yet, as has been previously realized … insignificance really isn’t insignificance that’s why it’s called insignificance. Maybe a better way of putting it is, each and every living thing from the largest star in our solar system to a blade of grass is deeply significant … making our particularity insignificant.

“The Way of the infinite is embedded in every cell of our body – encoded in our DNA,” I felt the earth whisper in my being.

“Life is an infinitely reflecting mirror,” I uttered.

The path that I was walking was “unkept” with sprawling weeds that crashed against Oak trees, jasmine bush’s and stood high at the edge of the trail. I glided my hands above the tops as I walked up the hill … touching the infinite. After a long, deep, inhale that gave way to my exhaling the junk that gets clustered in the mind, I reached to the top of the hill for a nice panoramic view of the endless wonder that is life and proclaimed:

“Whether you call this infinite way of the universe living through and as all visible and invisible life forms – God, or Allah, or Yahweh, or The Divine, or Great Spirit – I call it life  … and this life is sacred.

… wakefully living in awe, admiration and responsibility is worship … “