The window of my heart opens as the soft gaze from within peeks it’s vision through this window to view a world in need of deconstruction. If the man-made machinations that confront this heartfelt vision are the products of individual thinking and the makeup of the conditioned human mind … deconstruction is the order of this age.  The objectified view of otherness causes a fragmentation in our worldview that challenges the deeply concerned intelligence to drop its analytical agent for a more intimate, more connected, more open and … more … femininely receptive coach.

This is the challenge to our patriarchal, masculin-eyesed, analytically judgmental, traditionally normative, western-eyesed relationship to reality. Exercising the femin-eyesed, receptively intimate, historically abandoned, matriarchal, sensitively intuitive, heart-based way is the breakthrough into the other dimension. Unafraid to enter into those aspects of our undeveloped psycho-spiritual landscape to balance the two polarities is … the movement.

Yin unfolds into Yang … Yang flows effortlessly into yin.

In this heartfelt approach to transcending the conditioned boundaries that have imprisoned our approach to wholeness is the personal revolution that revolutionizes our intimate and socio-political relationships while thereby revolutionizing our society. Again … it is the movement. Deconstructing the limited, socialized, identity for the unlimited union of “opposites” completely changes the way we think, feel, see and experience the world about us. Hence the word … revolution.

One can dream, right?

If you visualize it, you can realize it.

Let’s do it.