Yes …

It is clear, then, that spring naturally unfolds into summer … and although our aversions have a preference for one season over another,  we understand without need for stretching our reasoning that each season is equally valuable and important as the one before and after it.

Our personal lives, including our relationships and how they impact the life of the entire planet are not as easily reckoned with. Psychologically, we have an overwhelming tendency to cling to things being a certain way. Instead of naturally following the peak into the valley until the next peak comes, we would rather stay at the peak, or the valley, wherever the conditions were most comforting to our movement. Yet, nothing stays exactly the same forever. 

As the earth rotates, night follows day … cooler temperatures then follow the warmth that the sun presented throughout the active hours. But, passive hours come into our personal lives and within our relationships … don’t you think that they should be equally honored as the active hours?

Life is in perpetual movement … thus living is flowing with the continued progressive evolution of life expressing itself through all living things. Feeling stuck is a result of clinging to what we think should be happening. If the internal mirrors the external, then we fully recognize that life is always flowing. It may not be flowing in the best interest of our ego, but opening our mind to allow space for the unfolding of events in our lives, while watering the seeds of our intentions (with awareness and action) is the path of least resistance.

Our governmental establishment is a very important place to look at how not to interfere with the evolving flow of life. Manipulating others to get “your way” will not work and only bring ruin. Being rigid in perspective and displaying an unwillingness to be flexible to the needs of the whole moves against the natural progression of things. Argumentative stalling and finger pointing only shows weakness.

Consciously surrendering to the flow is the way. 

As Lao Tzu taught in Verse 40 of the Tao Te Ching:

Returning to itself is how the subtle Way of the universe exercises itself.

Being gentle and yielding is how the subtle Way of the universe employs itself.

All things of the world come from the manifest.

The manifest comes from the unmanifest, subtle essence of the universe.

… It is happening …