With the onset of evening came starry reflections that echo the brilliant silence of the great mystery. However, our most typical universal neighbor, Ms. Moon, was not one of those heavenly bodies appearing to our meditative observation. Yes, this was an evening for setting intentions into the voluminous depths to be born in a moment yet to be revealed. It was a moment of deep, penetrative silence.

The wind rushed through the leaves of the trees aggressively creating a sound that resembled the rush of heavy traffic … or the ocean. I walked up the hill, to the top, to get an overview of the deep valley below. Feeling the strength of this powerful wind push my body, I imagined it cleansing me of the accumulation of city life, its energy, its isolating solace and its busi-ness. I turned my back to the wind, “Care to get my backside?” I asked this benevolent wind. Watching the wind push forward through trees and down into the opposite valley over a great reservoir – “Thank you” – I offered my gratitude.

You know, the complexities of life are simplified in neutrality. I could easily bemoan this chilly wind as it whistles fog in my face or I can appreciate the gift that it offers. I could get upset, sink my shoulders, because a hike on a warmer night would have felt comforting to the human need to be at ease. But, night is just the shadow of day, and this peak is just the aspirations of the valley for another view of this amazing life. There are no accidents. Coincidence is a fallacy.

“The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering.” (Tao Te Ching, #48)

Thus, what are my intentions? Simplifying through deep, abiding, reverent communion. Patient endurance. Integrative compassion. Natural, loving, supportive adoration.

Thy will be done.