An essay from 11/23/2010 … I guess convincing myself that it was okay. 🙂 (Just realized that these last two postings are such a mercury retrograde thing to do. funny.)


On Faith and Magic

We live in a immeasurably vast universe. From within this universe and it’s creative possibilities we have descended from throughout thousands of generations to exist in this moment. The mystery of existence and the wisdom of our experience of earth is coded in our DNA. Many have come and many more will grace this great stage to uphold the magic that is life. It is difficult to be a witness to this magic often because this life we live is also often filled with painful losses. The mind then clings to those losses as a continual reality, not allowing our mind to roam freely through the omnipresent magic that is our inheritance for we do not want to experience those losses again. We become hyper-focused on losing and not living. We become hyper-focused on what could go wrong rather than letting go of that ill perception to rest in the potential of our co-creative capacity. There really are no obstacles, only fertile earth that needs to be tilled, weeded and seeded with vision. “Life is what you make it” they say … and when we become aware of magical possibilities that have subsisted long before our first breath we realize the truth in that phrase. “When you get down and you quarrel everyday, you are saying prayers to the devil I say” was the wisdom given by Bob Marley in the song “Positive Vibration.” The obstacles that we see, the hard times that we visualize … are all placed in our consciousness by the willful mind. We could, too … erase those obstacles. If you see hard times, you will have hard times. What you visualize is what you realize.

It is amazing to realize how far we have come as a species. Throughout the timeline of history we have marched up until now. It is a miracle in and of itself that we are here. It is a testament to magic that we walk the paths over lands that have been walked by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Why do we fret? Why do we overwhelm our minds with negative possibilities when the fact of our existence is miraculous? We are so much more than we give ourselves credit. We have been taught that we are just arms, legs, heart and brain but the collective beauty of the all living things is such a wonder that to isolate it simply to ourselves and those that are close to us is a catastrophic occurrence. Ahhhhhh yes … we feel alone. Isn’t that it? We feel as  though we are in this world alone to make something of ourselves by ourselves and when we look that in the face, fears arise to deflate our self-esteem, replacing visions of magic with the idea of obstacles. But, are we alone, really? It is true that no other human being can give you happiness. It is true that you are the only individual that can take yourself from out of the doldrums of despair and replace that painful approach to life with … faith. These things are true indeed. However, we do not exist without the love, diligence and will of millions of ancestors. Alone? Only in the fragmented sense. But when we look at the collective … we are far from alone … the infinite resources are with us always – omnipresently.

The spirit of love has split itself into immeasurable pieces so that it could be visible to the eyes of the wanderer. Hence, all you see is love. We have been trained to see these other people, living things and such as other than love. But, the ignorance that cloaks our magic is nothing more than a mask. Our task is being able to remove the mask and see things as they really are. Omnipresence – presence of the Divine. Oneness – the Divine living as all living things. This hall of mirrors only reflects to us the depths and potential of magic. Life is always beautiful, even when the mind sees endless pain. Life is magic. Magic is miraculous. The place of ones faith. Not the type of faith that wishes for a certain outcome. That is wishful thinking. No, faith is placed in the miraculous so that its magic can consume the mind to continually see the miraculous magic. One must feel honored to be a witness, for that – in and of itself – is a blessing. When we are able to understand the honor of being a witness, “the faith of the mustard seed” is thet natural result. Then we understand that losses are not really losses but moments that nudge us to continue witnessing the Divine miraculous magic … of love … for that miraculous Divine magic is love. No doubt.

Human beings must be allowed to be human beings. If we are not allowed to be human beings, do the things that human beings do …. experience the highs and lows, the mistakes and virtues … we will not be true witnesses. “To Err is human, to forgive is divine.” Thus, we recognize this and keep our faith in the Divine Miraculous Magic … laughing and smiling all the way. Don’t fret. Live faithfully.