These are some of thoughts that I have had over this past, most challenging, year of my life. It’s interesting to look back on going in and out of awareness, also to realize what space I was in during those moments. Thought I would share some of my process. Also interesting that most of these were written in December, as that was the most difficult time. I was writing other stuff after that but … interesting nonetheless. Enjoy.


On Love …

The light of love shines brightly on the soil of our consciousness, heating the waters of our soul to produce the condensation to rain love unto the lives of others. It purifies our inequities, washing them away to be transformed into seeds of light that can grow into trees of radiant beauty that shade us from the frailties of a world enslaved to ignorance. Putting our ears to its omnipresence we gather wings that take flight on the intuitive powers of wisdom. Feeling its omnipotence, our ego becomes dunked in the unfathomable limitlessness to be forgotten so that our kinship with all living things is reborn in our awareness. This unified boundlessness binds us to omniscience to be a source and beacon for others to bring the heavenly powers of unrestricted love and peace … to earth. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done … (11/23/2010)


To be … animal …

… animated by the void as a manifestation of it’s will to express it’s own inexhaustible truth. Limitlessness crafted into the limited to place the task on us to sensually slide into the limitless nature that is omnipresently reflected as … us. The unknown becomes known, minimally, through its art. The known reflects the unknown but the unknown can never be really kn-own … as it can’t be owned by the intellect. It is you … open yourself to allow it’s imagination to move through your animated being so that you can truly be … animal. (12/1/2010)


It’s all around …

… all we have to do is open our being to listening endlessly to the omnipresent love that lives and breathes through everything. Magic is not a trick to mastered, it is a state of mind that has to be realized. It is only real-eyes-ed when we uncover, dismantle and throw away the real-lies. Subvert the dominant paradigm for an openness that experiences and beholds the wonderment of each and every new moment … (12/1/2010)


Many of life’s problems …

… are like a mirage. There is the indication that something is there, that it is real … tangible … but then as you get close to it, more intimate with it’s space, you realize it’s nothingness. It’s like grasping at phantoms in the dark, then when lightning strikes … a trickster is revealed and the joke’s on you. Laugh it off. (12/2/10)


Break The Chains …

Nothing is static nor stagnant … so why do we assume those limitations? Eternally gifted with the tools for necessary evolution … our enslavement to yesterday is the reflection of our not utilizing those gifts.  Easily accessible beyond the limits of our conditioning, the oceanic boundlessness of infinite creativity awaits our attentive awareness. Why do we postpone our destiny? The barriers are internal. The barriers are illusions that have become fixed in our awareness as actualities. Breaking the fixation is half of the journey – the rest is eternal.  Continually we allow the limits of these man made delusions to influence our course of being. But when we allow those delusions to have influence over how we live … we become delusional.  These psycho-spiritual shortcomings that have fixed the fence around our social reality have also shackled our ability to be free. Awareness breaks the chains …  allowing us to break our fixation with limitation. There are no limits … only those that we impose upon ourselves. (12/15/2010)


Whatever …

… my  brain is stained by the yesterdays of yesterday, replayed on a tape recorder in the capacity of memory that needs to be decapitated. Remember how tapes used to get stuck in the deck … rendering the tap inoperable? That’s what needs to happen with the rewinding of old songs that continue to hold no meaning in my consciousness. Tangible objects can be burned, thrown away … hurled at the people that gave you that nice bowl of shit in the first place, but these thoughts, imaginations, projections are intangible. Absolutely maddening! This is one of the many reasons people turn to alcoholism, drug addiction … phat booty addiction … but those are all just cover ups for a pain that at times appears immovable. If running away, trying to hide and mindless projections, thoughts and imaginations are  not helping to dissolve the intangible idiocy … maybe the opposite – intimacy – will do the trick. Is it possible to get intimate with that bowl of shit, see it for what it is, throw up a few times from the stench, and then … in the end … muster up the compassion to understand that this shit came into your life for a good reason? Just say, “thank you” … gratitude for the opportunity to learn … the opportunity to grow.

Or something … (12/15/2010)


The light …

… is blinding to the naked eye and once it appears into our life, illuminating the darkness in which we crept through each day, it can be frightening. But, the uncomfortableness with the light is a reflection of our comfort in the dark shadows of dead times. The newness of such a moment of illumination comes to challenge us to see if indeed we really wish to be relieved of the echoes of past memories … or do we only pay lip service to the hope, wish … desire. It’s like dreaming to fall in love … you dream up this beautiful woman, with amazing qualities, that synchronizes with your awkward way of being, and when she finally appears in your space you get cold feet. You become weakened by your fears and insecurities, unable to take the first step. The trick to understand with the light, the dawn, the awakening is that … it’s always been there. The unlimited skies that beckon us to leave the little cage of our narrow minded focus is always there … we just have to seize the moment with our awareness and realize we are being narrow focused and look in the direction of the infinite. At that moment … transformation becomes endless. (12/15/10


The heart beats in rhythm with the universe, so it stands to reason that if we listen to our heart, we are listening to the guidance from the incomprehensible omnipresence. This reminds me of something I heard  a while back. “I have two ears and one mouth, so I have to listen more than I speak.” Listen to your heart and harmonize with infinite love. (12/20/2010)


The Open Door

The door is open … walking through causes trepidation. The unknown is accompanied by its companion uncertainty and neither are in the business of comforting the insecurity that wobbles our legs as we trek on in this journey. The need for knowing, psychologically, always wants to be fed thus we attempt to make sense of what we couldn’t possibly understand, potentially causing more confusion. But, the unknown doesn’t exist and the door that has been open since our first breath of life has never existed either. There were only barriers in our perception.

Knowing takes the fun out of it. 🙂 If you really knew, at each stage of each day, what was going to happen next … would that be a life worth living? Open to the uncertainty. Smile at your fear. Breathe. There’s no where to go, nothing to know … for this moment is all there is. (3/7/2010)