Dark clouds full of thunder brought a storm of delusions to rain down on the fragile fertility of my waking mind, planting negative thoughts in the soil of this mental landscape that grow aggressively into weeds that bear no fruit.

Yesterday the clouds were gone, and the the crystal clarity of clear skies allowed me a bright perspective that saw deep into the distant now, in all directions. The reflection of the sun on the waters of life bounced like crystals, illuminating every vision and fiber of being.

Then the clouds came.

You see … I was on this long arduous journey, unconcerned about the destination … as the journey of this life is just that … a journey. The rocky declines would sometimes trip me up, land me on my but until I got to the valley and began my way up the steep inclines that forced necessary cleansing sweats. Yet, when I got to the peaks of understanding there were amazing views that made those inclines all the more worth it.

I remember coming to a crossroad … not really concerned about the decision that I made because the Universe is perfect, makes no mistakes … and already knew which route that I would take. But … then … through the rains and the pains they brought, I went through beautiful moonlit nights that detailed every star in the evening sky to awaken in the light of day to find …

I was right back where I started.

It’s painfully hilarious. Hence, the clouds … delusions … weeds that don’t bear fruit.

Should I have taken a different turn at the crossroads? Been focused on a destination? Is this one of the many trials of taken the unbeaten path? “Not all who wander are lost”, but … where does this path lead to?

So, I will rest … then take this path with heart and much more attentive awareness to the details surrounding my movement and …