(inspired by the death of my cousin Brenda Lott and DJ Dusk … April 2006)

We walk the spacious distances of Mother Earths abundance into the unknown – from the unknown – underneath the gaze of Eternal Silence unbeknownst that Loves Omnipresence upholds our disillusioned migration. Our feet collide against this rotating rock, magnetically drawing that Eternal Silence into our being to shine its abundance through our eyes. Compassion. Reciprocally we commune with all that is and isnt even though myopic perceptions of what is life makes us feel imprisoned. We’re not. The Eternal Silence breathes through our conditioned limitations to teach us of limitlessness.


They, too, in their immaterial inheritance roam the Shining Silence, drinking from the Eternal Well of Love – knowingly – naturally. We memorize their physicality into our mentality, not yet realizing the fallacy of our carnality. Yet, they are here, in this moment of Eternal Silence, they are here. Seamlessly and unknowingly, we commune One in another unconscioulsy – indirectly. May we lift our voices in recognition and listen to The Eternal Silence atone our psychological disconnection.

Death is not. Life is and continues on to be The Eternal Silence. In perpetuum we follow souless distractions unto what matters not. Factually, that which matters not is inconsequential in infinite repose. Dispose of errant deterrants that disuade us from the love that is inextricably invaluable.


One in another – reflect – consciously. Constantly. Knowing that The Eternal Silence bridges the inseperable distance between The One in Another. Allow the intraconnectedness of One Spirit, as it manifests through billions of personalities, to be your resting space. That is truly resting in peace – ubiquitous peace. Communicate through love from that infinite well of abundance with all – at once.