Allow your mind to dissolve into the firmament.

It is a key to unlocking the mysteries of consciousness, for we do not exist alone in the shadows of omnipresence.

Most of what we fancy our conditioned minds with is nonsense, yet evolving into our greater conscious awareness is true dissidence.

Naturally, their insistence on our devotion to live a shallow existence is out of line with the facts of our impermanence.

To unconsciously, indirectly follow the doldrums of fools exhibits lack of intelligence, while mirroring enslavement.

In their greed and political manipulation they exude intellectual indolence and spiritual impotence.

We become models of their incompetence when we allow our minds to be misguided by their verbal pestilence.

They are undoubtedly negligent, yet they slip out of the jaws of accountabiity and responsibility due to our debilitating spiritual ignorance.

Evolving out of the bounds of pyschological conditioning takes a special quality in diligence.

It is crucial to our psychosocial reform that we realize and accept that our mental and spiritual capacity have no fence, then open our will to evolve into the everlastingly immense.

It is here, it is now, it is that which is invisibally permanent. As a matter of social benevolence, allow your ego to dissolve into the firmament. Be intent upon living a life of transcendent dissidence.

(Written summer of 2006)