(wrote this years ago … don’t know when)

Is my will to involve myself with others intimately,

my enemy or my remedy?

As love is the precursor to all life

I approach these encounters timidly.

For, the actual factual truth of things is that

My soul sings in the deep connection

To other human beings.

The zenfinite source oversees The

subtle abstractions of my course.

Thus, I trust that the awareness of my

Self-limitations and that of others will

Allow this exploration to not be followed

By shallow hollowed perceptions

Derived from misunderstanding.

Sometimes we make promises that our

Inability to see the future can’t hold.

Let the truth be told – revealed

To be the seal of our interaction.

I’m handing the raw expression of my love to you

As I journey on my path with hopes that we can

Enjoy what life has to offer, then laugh about it later.

There is an equator that unites both sides of our brain,

But 90% of it remains unused.

So, please excuse me if I abuse you with

My evolving maturation.

Elevation is my only aim

Love is all that I claim.

Hopefully the expression of its bounty is the only stain

That’s left ascending from my breath.

Each day there is a death, for the past has ended

And only lives in our memory.

So, enemy or remedy?

There’s a thin line between pain and pleasure.

Within my connection to others all I wish to do

Is realize treasures of The Divine.

Love, honor, respect, compassion – various

Beauties of human potential.

Quintessential moments when time disappears

And our ears open to the omnipresent unity of our togetherness.

Embracing all that is – witnessing the intelligence

Of The Most Benevolent, Merciful, Sustainer of Creation.

I’m human — flawed, unevolved, limited in my comprehension.

I’m maturing my connection with you to help ease our tensions.

Internal ascension and expansion is now

So, along the way, if my ignorance undermines our intersection

You know assumption, pre-judgment, blind passion and projection –

Tainting our connection.

I hope that in reflection

You’ll understand that I wanted this love to be our remedy

Not our enemy.