Unravelling illegitimite non-necessities into the vibrational content of spiritual omnipresence to cleanse oneself of the conditioning imbedded in our psycholgogical perception.

Relieving the soul from the weight of confusion and allowing the spirit to roam peacefully through the breeze of infinite love to embrace all and nothing simultaneously.

Walking the land of our ancestors burying insecurities and false identity deeply into the earth’s core to be reborn into the magical quality of living consciously connected to the eternal waterfall of Divine Grace.

This is death.

Walking into a storm and seeing the significant beauty and appropriate power of earth cycles, without feeling the sorrow of feeling impeded by the Earths need to cleanse.

Awakening to the one vibration that upholds all living things in a tapestry of oneness – all complimenting and carrying The Divine Signature.

Loving for the sake of love.

Digging a grave for The Ego.

Designing a tombstone for hatred.

Carrying the cross of love up a mountain of uncertainty to be crucified by your own compassion.

Realizing your own signficant insignifacance.

Living as if only love mattered.

Being reborn into this eternal moment to accept, and appreciate, that yesterday is dead and tomorrow is a figment of the imagination.

Moving towards the sun’s healing warmth with the shadow of the past melting behind you – resurrecting the real, warrior self.