The ailments that had plagued him for years and brought him in and out of confusion, placed strains on his relationships and ultimately broken him down to his lowest self, helping him to lose everything of great value and importance had returned to plague him with an even louder resonant voice.

The confusion settled into a frustration that was marked by a greater state of awareness that was able to observe the confusion with nonjudgmental intimacy, thus, he had learned some new skills in the process undoing the yesteryears and discovering the remedy for this recurrent ailment. However, how it subsided and came alive again to reside in the current moment as a heavy weight had baffled him.

As he walked, wandered and wondered he was returned to the magical teachings that he began practicing that enabled those ailments to go into remission and not be as tangibly present as they were in the present moment. He remembered the meditations, the writings, the smiles, joys and laughter that proceeded and how he began stepping out of those old patterns to realize the rebirth into an understanding that he had not yet known in his previous days. Then all in a moments noticed he stopped and realized, “I stopped taking my medicine.”

The wisdom of the sages are like great prescriptions that when taken they help to alleviate the manifestation of the disease, while also cut deep at the root so that those ailments have a more difficult time arising in future moments. But, with all prescriptions that one must take on the road to wholeness, unless we are committed to taking our prescriptions regularly, the delusions of fragmented duality that give life-meaning fuel to the over-inflated ego, can come back to be anchors designed to impede, block …  accost … ones evolutionary liberation.

This is why it is often called spiritual “practice”. One’s commitment to the ritual of the meditative arts and the infinite expanse of nothingness is the curative medicine to ignorance and the ailments that grow out of the soil of delusional perception.

So, he took a deep breath … felt the weight of the anchors in his awareness … smiled … and returned to taking his medicine, one breath at a time.