Yep … today the world remembers 9/11/2001. Typically I wouldn’t consider this something to remember, as a reflection of tragedy I don’t see the reification of pain as something to commemorate. However, I do realize and understand that tragedy oftentimes leaves and imprint of pain on the hearts of those who endure a tragedy, thereby putting the needs of healing at the forefront. Thus, I think it would be wise if we would put our energy into healing, transforming, and through the curative methods of connection, transcend that pain to live markedly different.

This is also metaphorical for our personal lives. We all have lived tragedies. We all suffer. We are all wounded. But through the intimate connections with others and ourselves we are able to fully meet and see those wounds within ourselves, not as something to run away from, but as something to meet and transform. That is the beauty and pain of relating. Intimacy, in and of itself, is beautiful. You get to go beyond the edges of your own self-consciousness, dissolve the boundaries, to merge lanes with another (although there are now boundaries, really). But, that is also the pain, because as we get closer, more intimate, our issues and wounds become visible to ourselves and others. We run, we hide, we fight, we crawl back into our shallow little world as not to reveal the secrets … as not to be vulnerable in the face of the potential to transform. But, that’s what relationship is supposed to do … help us to release that part of ourselves that acts as anchors to our soulful evolution.

Which sheds light on the importance of compassionate connection. Being able to compassionately connect with another individual, non-judgmentally, so that we are able to provide the space for healing. We can’t do it alone. We don’t do it alone, even when we think that we are. And, in the end, it’s really not all that serious. It’s just … love. Ya know? Understanding that we all have wounds and as long as you don’t enslave me to yours or I don’t enslave you to mine … we just grow together under the omnipresent omnipotence of love.

That’s called … for-giving … giving for others in a way that allows others to release their own anchors. Let it all go. Give it away.

If we can apply this to our intercultural relationships and place the importance on connecting with others that we have demonized, we will expedite the mission of world peace. The great American Prophet Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told us that ” … because we can never again live without each other, we must learn, somehow, in this one big world, to live with each other.” It is pivotal in all of our relationships that we do so.

Thus, on this 9/11 commemoration … connect with others in love. We don’t have a Muslim/Christian, Republican/Democratic problem. We have a human problem and in order to heal that problem we have to connect, intimately.

… dissolve the boundaries …