I’m on the rise …
riding the rhythm of the wise
through infinite skies.
masked lies have been confronted
so that the inefficient anchor dies
as truth tries to dunk the ego
into its eternal size.

There is wind beneath my wings
carrying me beyond inconsequential things
where the soul sings
over the rhythm omnipresence brings.
nothing is everything, everything is nothing
the mirror of impermanence reflecting
even in these words.

There is no tomorrow … really.
Yesterday is dead … silly.
In this instant is the infinite …
Can you taste it?
Don’t waste it.
It is the most important moment of our life …
as is each moment.

I’m on the rise …
There is wind beneath my wings …
Because there is no tomorrow … really.

There is but one consciousness … or
one spirit … or
one love … or
one earth … or
a unified verse called uni-verse …

that is so poetically inclined
that waves sing songs that whales don’t hear …

that is so gifted in compassion that our sun
sends a love so intense that trees won’t fear …

that is so giving that the miracle of breathing is so under-appreciated
that it needs to be restated … “breathe”.

that it wants nothing less than the best for us
so it teaches us through our dreams …

it’s bursting at the seams with unrequited love …
for-give yourself for not returning the favor.

It’s a constant, all day, labor of love …
working on our behalf. (Rob Brezsny taught me that)

Thus … we’re on the rise … with wind beneath our wings … singing songs of love intensely in this grand moment … because there is no tomorrow – really – silly.