Soooooo …. we were taking a drive down memory lane. Which basically means that the present moment was in the rearview. Thus, we were all already on the wrong path. But, in our compassion and will to listen and be cooperative in our relationships with others, we take these journey’s because some people believe there is no way to go forward without a thorough understanding of what happened yesterday.

Love engenders this cooperation.

As she spoke to the pain, and I looked into the reflection of what it revealed, I thought, “The past is a puzzle not worth re-member-ing.” To go and put together broken pieces, fragments of a time that is dead, is to resurrect demons that surely have no interest in interpersonal transcendence. The words she spoke were like chants in an ancestral ritual designed to bring  back to life aspects of the ego that had been willfully buried long ago. Slowly, slowly, slowly … then a fully conjured up catastrophe. The ego turns into a “Revolver” and starts shooting everything insight … specifically targeted at the other person’s ego … defending itself (pride). Destruction.

I’m sorry.

Sometimes apologies, full recognition and ownership is not enough for others. Which is truly a reflection of how deep the wound actually is. However, traveling down memory lane only allows you to review and look at the same scenes … only backwards. Furthermore, memory lane is an infinite journey, as there is not one particular phenomenon that can be traced to a single point in time. Dependent Origination is a continually evolving reality. The past is the present is the future. The roots travel back generations, and even billions of years.

Clinging to yesterday=grasping at phantoms=suffering. It is not easy to let go, but let go we must. For-giving. The hurts that we have accumulated or regulated are for giving away. The longer we hold on the longer we are enslaved to yesterday and previous conditions (hence, conditioning).

“Moving on” is not just “getting over it” … it is a precise awareness of the clean, empty slate of each moment and not carrying the images, thoughts, ideas from yesterday into this miraculous moment. Memory lane is a backwards trap that keeps you further and further and further … away … stuck on a dead end road.

Nothingness is all. It is the curative/creative base for everything. It takes extraordinary awareness and the relinquishment of any sense of control you may feel you have have your “own existence”.

Jiddu Krishnamurti says, ” … finding a way of life where there is no cause … ”  – or possibly better stated as, Freedom From The Known

Miriam Louisa says, “If you can bear to look for yourself at all the ways you sabotage the truth of your non-existence, you’ll understand the root of suffering.”

And thanks to the Diamond Sutra, I realized that “A mind based in nothing doesn’t cling to anything but embraces everything.”

Be free, to love … now.