“Can you understand anything if you have already made up your mind about it, or if you repeat the same conclusions of another? To find the truth of this matter, must we not come to it afresh, with a mind that is not clouded by prejudice? Which is more important, to be free from conclusion, prejudices, or to speculate about some abstraction? Is it not more important to find the truth than to squabble about what truth is? An opinion as to what truth is, is not the truth. Is it not important to find the truth concerning karma? To see the false as false is to begin to understand it, is it not? How can we see either the true or the false if our minds are entrenched in tradition, in words and explanations? If the mind is tethered to a belief, how can it go far? To journey far, the mind must be free. Freedom is not something to be gained at the end of long endeavor, it must be at the very beginning of the journey.” Jiddu Krishnamurti, Commentaries of Living (2nd Series), approaching the question of “Karma” with someone.