As the trees inhale the earth, they exhale their leaves and the season of letting go commences. It’s good to be in a space where being a witness to the ongoing transformative movement of nature is a reality that cannot be missed. The new life of spring has given way to summer’s abundance and the changing color of the leaves has shown us that they have aged out and the dance of that new life is coming to a close and the curtain of winter will soon bid us farewell.

Such is the nature of this life, seasons after seasons, each and every one embedded with innumerable lessons and blessings. It is a beautiful moment. There is no need to bemoan the warm days that have sprung us out of our shells out into the overflowing love of life renewing itself. Just as it is this way and continues to be, we accept the cooler days and the even cooler evenings, understanding that life must shrink in order to expand, must become cool to heat up and has to completely let go in order to be born anew.

Letting go of the past seasons of our lives is healthy. Embracing the potential that awaits letting go is a must. Ever shedding, ever expanding. These are the natural cycles of life and to be stuck in one way, forever, is psycho-spiritual paralysis.

Open yourself up to the fruitful moments that await your open inquiry into potential. Ride the wave of awareness where it leads and allow the wisdom in those waters to enrich and enliven the seeds of your intention. Live that love with the adventurous spirit of an innocent child, heart and eyes wide open … confident in the ever expanding wonder of life fulfilling itself.

… acceptance …