At long last

we are able to push past …

and through … the red tape …

the yellow tape … bodies outlined in chalk …

To talk.

To talk about love.

Love of the earth

and its inhabitant.

We are coming together in squares,

in circles,

on city blocks,

in front of federal buildings …

to raise the ceiling, then

collapse the roof with truth.


The earth is crying.

Her tears erupt on homeless bodies dying … in these streets.

These streets that are paved to an early grave for young

brilliant minds whose family, community, city and country

didn’t find the time to find the roots of the crimes

committed against them.

The truth is … it’s time.

It’s time we stop bullshittin’ and listen.

Listen to the echoes of violence that ring out loud from

a crowd of innocent Arab children.

Listen to the pains of those vets who come home 

to realize that this feels nothing like home. 

Listen to the  single mother with two kids, two jobs

who can’t afford two meals to feed her kids … properly.

Listen to the millions of people that are gathering in circles

and squares, on city blocks … worldwide … occupying the

planet with love.

Love for the earth …

and its inhabitants.

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