The roots of a tree inhale deep from the essence of the universe, exhaling that exquisite magic into our lungs as we trek the land in unawareness of this timeless, mysterious … loveliness. Give Thanks.

The origins of existence are untraceable, yet its creative potential has been passed down through innumerable generations of a stumbling humanity. The illumination of the great mystery is burrowed deeply into every cell, echoing its infinitude … listen … and … give thanks.

The Unknown, with its ever expansive divine magic is intangibly palpable … like … on the tip of your tongue, literally, yet can’t be spoken. Even if it’s eternal language could be grasped and eloquently verbalized, it would come across as gibberish to even the most intelligent of our human breed. Give thanks in understanding that it created and understands the limitations of the symbols we use to express a mere teardrop of its infinitely oceanic depths.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. This life is but a blink of an eye to the divine omnipresence that is continually renewing itself through the life cycles of all of creation. Why not live the four season in a day? In continually renewing oneself, we continually give space of the mysterious magician to continually renew its creative genius to dispel our conditioned irrationality with miracles. Give thanks in recognizing that waking up is but one of a million that happen regularly.

Who in the hell knows what the fuck is going on outside of life … just living? (I curse to keep you on your toes) The books that have been given, have been written, got you all smitten, are just that … books. But, if you were to put the bible, koran, torah, bhagavad gita, upanishads and all the other holy books along with all of the words of all of the great teachers, mystics, priests and such that have testified to the mystifying, awe inspiring, genius of nothingness and bring them into create an all encompassing library of this luminous mysterious magician … you still wouldn’t be able to utter a word that would be able to reflect its amazing awesomeness. Give thanks that the infinite … is beyond words.

… live to give love …