The tide fiercely rolled in and then gently receded with the sand castle that I had so carelessly built. Just as quickly as I was able to throw this thing together the ocean, with even quicker precision, came along and nonchalantly proved the castle’s fragility.

So it is that things that are erected are eventually reduced to their original nothingness. This continuous movement of formless manifestation plays tricks on ones inherent need to possess, thereby informing awareness that attempting to hold onto … anything … is like building sand castles on the beach … it’s going to be washed away.

Most things (everything?) in life are just like this. Relationships, jobs, personal achievements, material possessions, etc. It really doesn’t matter how much work, money, attention and energy that you put into them … the ocean of life will come to reduce those sand castles back into their formless state.

Enjoy the endeavor. Don’t become possessed by the outcome. Create … by all means … create. Throw recognition to the wind. Lend a helping hand where a helping hand is needed. Give thanks for being able.

We own nothing. The path is empty.  Our cup runneth over.

Sandcastles on the beach.