… or maybe this life and all of the big and little things that come along with it are like snow slowly melting under warmer temperatures; here to enjoy and appreciate temporarily but passing by as quickly as they come.

It’s so beautiful to watch. After the long hot summer and the drawn out autumn, here comes the winter and the moment that you knew would surely come. You sit by your window and watch the snow flakes fall to the ground, slowly accumulating like sand in an hourglass. A beautiful meditation reflecting the stillness that life carries within its boundlessness.

You throw on your boots, winter jacket and gloves … and go out to play in this wintry love because you know, inherently, that life is for participation, not just observation. Maybe you make a snowman. An igloo? Maybe you’ll find the nearest lake that has become frozen over and see how far you can slide on your belly. Ice fishing? Cross country skiing?

In the participation is meditation. Meditation is participation … and in that participation we enjoy as much as we can in this very moment because we understand, emphatically, that there won’t be another one like it.

No, we don’t sit by idly waiting for the snow and cold to pass, although we know that it will. In attuning our observation in participation there is informal education … even medication. No doubt that there is elevation because your view has move from isolated insulation to become one with creation.

This life and all that comes with it is slowly melting away like this snow under warmer temperatures. Maybe some of us would like the temperatures to stay cool so that we can continue to enjoy all of the things that come along with this snow, but we know, fo’ sho’, that life and its perpetual flow provides us with ample opportunities to practice the art of … letting go.