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“We have all made mistakes in the past. But these mistakes can be erased. We may think that because the past is gone, we cannot return to the past to correct our mistakes. But the past has created the present, and if we practice mindfulness in the present, we are naturally connected with the past. As we transform the present, we also transform the past. Our ancestors, parents, brothers, and sisters are closely linked to us – our suffering and happiness is closely linked to theirs, just as their suffering and happiness is linked to ours. If we can transform ourselves, we can also transform them. Our own emancipation, peace and joy is the emancipation, peace, and joy of our ancestors and parents. To take hold of the present in order to transform is the unique way to bring peace, joy, and emancipation to those we love and to heal the damage which has been done in the past.” Thich Nhat Hanh (From Transformation & Healing: Sutra on The Four Establishments of Mindfulness)