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Sitting in the shadow of the earth, I watch lightning bugs flitter across the night, dazzling the evening sky with their natural brilliance. Walking in the footsteps of the ancients, possessed with the gifts of the infinite, it’s easily detectable that we have been and are constructing a world from the lowest depths of our imagination.

The magical qualities of the unknown readily sustain our trek through the spirit of beauty at the feet of every step, while our ability to attend to that natural elegance of the Divine is distracted by innumerable forms of ignorance that mirror the misinformed, unintelligible and deeply negligent aspects of human thought and imagination that are easily rationalized and reasoned to be “just the way things are.”

It is highly unacceptable at this stage of human existence that we as a clan, mostly religious and practitioners of some form of spiritual growth, can look at the bombing of entire cities, the killing of innocent men, women and children, the destruction of the land as a result and honestly look one another in the eyes and say, “there will always be war.” It is completely despicable that the men and women in charge of and leading these atrocities contend that they have been “educated” in the “best schools” and received the “best education that the world has to offer.”

We live on and within a precious earth with vastly limited resources and continue to develop those resources to continue the devastation and potential destruction of the earth and its human communities. It really does boggle my sensitive awareness that supposedly intelligent individuals could actually use the precious minerals of our beloved home to create and design more “weapons of mass destruction” that are, at their fundamental nature, intended to kill.

Some of these precious minerals are also used to “better” our lives, by creating efficient modes of communication and transportation, yet, they too … with the shortness of their life, end up in landfills creating mountains of waste that reflect the unsustainable nature of our way of life.

Those who are supposed to be our leaders – unwise – stand in front of teleprompters telling persuasive lies, only to get elected – or reelected – to implement destructive practices/policies that spell our demise. Many of us remain silent, oblivious, because we would like a slice of that good ol’ American pie, unaware that most of us are only allowed the crumbs of the crust that are left on the table.

The sad thing is … this is only a small percentage of the totality of our stupidity.

For the utter love of living, we absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt … need a revolution. We don’t need a bloody revolution brought about by the hands, wrath and destructibility of war. We need a revolution in the consciousness of humanity. Unguided by clever words and clever leaders, the revolution that is crucial to the survival of the planet and its human and nonhuman inhabitants has to take place in the hearts and minds of masses of people that can ripple through the interconnected web of our relationships that alters, fundamentally and absolutely, how we live with and amongst each other and our earth.

I honestly see it as the only way. If we are the ones that we have been waiting for, then we have been waiting for us to revolutionize the core of who we are individually and collectively. We are unquestionably responsible for the world we live in. For me, this is a matter of fact … and undeniable.

Ghandi said that we have to be the change that we wish to see, but the change that many want to see is not the world that I would like to continue living in. We have to go further in describing that change.

Thus, a quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti:

As one travels over the world and observes the appalling conditions of poverty and the ugliness of man’s relationship to man, it becomes obvious that there must be a total revolution. A different kind of culture must come into being. The old culture is almost dead and yet we are clinging to it. Those who are young revolt against it, but unfortunately have not found a way, or a means, of transforming the essential quality of the human being, which is the mind. Unless there is a deep psychological revolution, mere reformation on the periphery will have little effect. This psychological revolution, which I think is the only revolution -is possible through meditation.

And another from Vimala Thakar:

When we feel exhausted by the insanity, disorder, and imbalance around us and are ready to bring about an inner change, we might keep in mind that learning a technique or a method to artificially stimulate experiences brings only partial change. The challenge is not to alter partially the status of physical or mental life; the challenge is total growth into another dynamic of relationship and into another dimension of consciousness.

Or, again from Vimala:

In silence there is freedom. In innocence there is love and in humility there is intelligence. Silence brings you directly, intimately into communion with life as it is. Being with the solitude of silence, being with the limitless, nameless, measureless reality creates a new balance; it refreshes the worn-out mind and washes the psyche clean of its fears.

There is no revolution in the world unless there is a revolution within our own hearts and minds … and we have to be willing to meet the challenge and do the work.