Development arrested

From head to toe … infested.

Infected with seeds of divisiveness that have lived uncorrected.

Manifested in every moment our collective psyche

Might be

Likely … neurotically attached to fearfully living disconnected.

We roam pathways unknown covering simplicity with complexity.

Irresponsibly conditioned we slap definitions on others reflexively.

Welcome to America’s heartland.

A place where guns and ignorance

Make a marriage that defies intelligence.

Where suffering can be rendered invisible

And in the face of prosperity poverty becomes – unlivable.

Where we turn a blind eye to the deaths of innocent Muslim children

and defense contractors literally … make a killing.

However childish all of this happens to be

Seemingly revolving endlessly

Are you willing to roam the psyche

For what might be

Likely …

New ways of living and loving?

New ways of perceptually engaging,

Behaving with an open heart?

That’s simply a start

But we have to …. start.

Ready, set … I don’t know if we’re ready to go.

It could be that we don’t truly want to be free, absolutely.

We want the structures to be fixed

Not realizing that they are already … fixed.

The shift – transformative mutation of mind

Is a matter of consciousness.

Are we willing … to look?

To start?

To begin the end and live anew?

Renew the heart-land?