The initial thought started like: 

The ever-abiding, abundant well-spring of love 

ascends into our being,

freeing us from ourselves, 

into its radiance,

to share ecstatically with others,

only to break our hearts without warning.


The next thought was:

No, it is our lust. Our incessant, human, need to

hold, have, possess and secure

a love that isn’t ours

that squeezes the beauty of love

out of our grasps

leaving us naked and exposed to 

our humanity






You can’t posses the wind

though you can allow its breeze to cool you.

You can’t possess the sunshine

though you can utilize its light to guide you. 

You can’t possess the waters of love

though you can use a taste to quench your thirst.

Love is the truest coquette. 

Teasing you with the temptation to

court … to own. 

Wanting to possess … becoming possessed by and

obsessed with ones own fulfillment.

Love is never about us

Yet it can move us to share (in) its abundance.

Let it go…

Let it breathe…

a sigh of relief ..

and relieve you 

of the burden of so much pain.






Enter The Void