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European Cultural Hegemony (AKA White Supremacy) has a stranglehold on the possibilities of psycho-cultural (r)evolution in global consciousness. America, even as it continues to strengthen is neoliberal policies, and expand its imperialistic reach and dominance, is the epicenter at which this global consciousness can go through dramatic shifts to alter the course of humanity. At this critical juncture in this epic human journey we need leadership – of all kinds – that allows for new conversations about who we are, from where we have traveled and what is actually possible for us to become. It might be too early to know, but, it is my belief that Bernie Sanders is the type of leader that can enable these conversations to take place.

Let us be clear that Bernie Sanders, by himself, cannot alter the course of systemic decay and dysfunction that plagues our world. The expansive nature of American Imperialism, with its free market exploitation that is enforced with aggressive militarism – within the U.S. and abroad – needs a multilayered progressive strategy that can cut at the heart of our arrogant indecency, while enforcing ideas from a broad range of multicultural knowledge systems. European Cultural Hegemony has been exporting its own belief systems – political, religious and economic – and have not created the space for new or alternative versions of reality that allow us to imagine life outside of its global dominance.

As we watch the various candidates that attempt to capture the presidency of the United States, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that is willing to challenge this historical imperialism to alter the inevitable crash course that our beloved country is on. This challenge is rooted in how we relate to each other as human beings, how we relate to the earth and how we build intersectional dialogues with other nations (cultures) on how to best transition our global consciousness to a sustainable worldview. The only candidate that speaks this language, or attempts to have these conversations, is Bernie Sanders.

The evidence that points to this need is everywhere. Here in Oakland, CA and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, as the cost of survival rises to unreachable levels (for the vast majority), we are witnessing the homeless rate continue to grow and though these costs of living go up, the rates of pay stay stagnant. When the possibilities of being able to thrive depend on your ability to make close to a six figure salary, which only a small minority can do, dramatic changes need to be implemented in order for economic and cultural sustainability. The reality of this unsustainable lifestyle will only create new and more creative forms of resistance that will further the deepening divisions based on race, class and gender.

As a liberation psychologist with depth psychological roots I am intrinsically aware of how our unconscious projections prevent our ability to clearly imagine new possibilities in relationship, while also understanding that in order for new forms of thought and imagination to take root that we need to create space for a variety of marginalized voices to disrupt this European Cultural Hegemony to give birth to a new form of Self (cultural) Determination. As I research place-based policies and their creation of culture, I also understand that we need new policies that can initiate this necessary movement. These types of policies that can alter the course of this current systemic fuckery (I had to curse at least once) can only – in my view – be administered, or even considered, by a Bernie Sanders presidency that inspires – at different levels of government – this type of open commitment to psycho-cultural (r)evolution.

A Trump presidency, a Clinton presidency, would – without a doubt – continue the type of hegemony (and likely a more extreme version of it) that has marginalized, nationally and globally, people of color (and women) and the value of their ideas, while speeding up the inevitable collapse at which we are currently headed. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, but in order to stave off this collapse while imagining new possibilities, we need a president that is willing to adopt an open attitude toward reconciling our global (political and cultural) indifference to make a difference … a different world. Within this current political landscape … I can only see that coming from the “political revolution” of Bernie Sanders or …

Dr. Jill Stein (People, Planet and Peace over Profits).